1. CONNECTOR DESTINATIONS BLOG: March Madness in Ann Arbor

    April 6, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    As the NCAA Men’s basketball Final Four and Frozen Four took place this past weekend, the city of Ann Arbor was prepared to celebrate. Michigan fans were grabbing the best seats at their favorite restaurants, preparing at home gatherings, and lining up outside other Ann Arbor establishments in order to snag the best views of the TV.

    Two popular Ann Arbor establishments saw swarms of people lining up at their doors hours before the games began: Good Time Charley’s and Brown Jug.

    Good Time Charley’s is a casual spot that is perfect for grabbing delicious eats, hanging out with friends and family, and playing games. With both indoor and outdoor seating areas, Charley’s is suitable for every season, but tends to get even busier during the spring and summer-time.  Although they also have karaoke and trivia nights, Charley’s is especially known as the best place to go during game days. With multiple TV’s throughout their establishment, you can have a perfect view of the game no matter where you sit.

    Brown Jug Restaurant is similar to Charley’s in that it’s a casual place to kick back with family and friends. Brown Jug is known for its delicious food and fun environment. The atmosphere within Brown Jug ranges from low-key on an average evening to bustling on game days. The Brown Jug fills with fans dressed in their favorite Michigan gear on game days, cheering alongside the screens. Though there is a plethora of seating within Brown Jug, it is a place where you will often find people standing and mingling rather than staying seated, especially if a game is on TV.

    Depending on your personal tastes, going out on a game day may or may not be your thing. However, Michigan fans reported waiting in hour-long lines (in the cold) over the weekend just to watch the the Final Four games at Charley’s and Brown Jug to take in the experience with their fellow Wolverines.

    Although Michigan lost both of their big basketball and hockey games, March Madness as a whole was an incredible experience across Ann Arbor..

    The next time you’re thinking about checking out a University of Michigan sporting event and can’t be at the game in person, hop on the Detroit Connector and visit Ann Arbor to take in the game day experience.

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