April 16, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    Part of what makes Ann Arbor a unique city is its artistic culture and style. When it comes to the coffee shops in Ann Arbor, you will often see both University of Michigan students studying and Ann Arbor citizens taking coffee breaks, catching up with friends, doing work or reading books. In order to discover why coffee culture is so prevalent in Ann Arbor, I decided to explore the coffee shop scene by visiting the local coffee shops that best represent Ann Arbor’s values.

    Lab Cafe

    Lab Cafe is a quaint coffee shop known for its decadent flavors, inspirational art and colorful style. When you walk into Lab, a few of the things you might notice include the upbeat music, the colorful pieces of art placed along the walls, and the eclectic furniture.

    The light-filled cafe contains a few small tables, along with couches, armchairs, and coffee-table books. Because of its smaller layout, Lab Cafe is often the type of place people go in order to relax with a cup of coffee and a nice book, rather than work for several hours. Lab Cafe is also known for its floral flavors.

    Personal Favorite: Lavender Honey Latte

    Literati Bookstore

    The Literati Bookstore cafe is one of Ann Arbor’s hidden gems. You might walk into Literati under the impression that you are entering a bookstore, when in fact the upstairs area is host to a quaint and minimalistic cafe.

    Literati often hosts poetry and book readings, and has a club that book-lovers can join. Its comfortable and welcoming atmosphere creates an ambiance of intellect that engages any and all that walk through the doors. Whether you are sipping a coffee or sampling an intriguing book from downstairs, you will feel a sense of Ann Arbor in its best and most relaxing form.

    Personal Favorite: Chai tea latte

    Zingerman’s Delicatessen Coffee and Tea

    Zingerman’s is an Ann Arbor staple often known for its incredible sandwiches. Next door to Zingerman’s Delicatessen is a charming coffee house where you can sample desserts and enjoy time with friends and family.

    While on my journey to explore Ann Arbor coffee houses, I found that Zingerman’s Coffee and Tea truly captured the friendly atmosphere that exists within Ann Arbor. Upon walking in, I noticed several families sitting together and enjoying gelato, sipping warm drinks, and sampling different cakes and pies. As I ordered the pour-over coffee, I was even able to watch as they grinded beans before me.

    Personal Favorite: Hazelnut Latte


    What makes these coffee houses so unique is that they are independent to Ann Arbor. As I walked into each one, I was amazed to see how well they embodied the friendly and creative atmosphere that exists within this town. These relaxing and engaging environments give visitors an opportunity to enjoy the culture within Ann Arbor.

    The Connector Destinations Blog is not an official University endorsement, and is based solely on the opinion of the author.