April 24, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    Detroit is known as the birthplace of the Motown Sound – a blend of soul music with an influence of pop. Visitors come to Detroit each year to experience its culture through art and music.

    Located near Detroit’s New Center neighborhood is the Motown Museum. What was once the residence of Berry Gordy and the Motown Records recording studio is now a unique place that visitors can take a step back in time and  experience the musical history of Detroit.

    This popular tourist destination is where visitors come to experience the charisma and talent of the many artists who found their sound in Detroit. As part of Detroit’s rich musical history the Motown Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Motown records.

    The Motown sound captured the hearts of many across Detroit and the globe during its peak in the 1960s, and the Museum’s mission is now to educate and motivate people on the culture behind the Motown Sound and its connection to Detroit’s history.

    The educational experiences within the Museum includes a gallery exhibit with rare photos of the Motown’s finest while at work, as well as a tour inside the control room, where several popular songs were once recorded. The museum contains both the recording studio and restored apartment of Berry Gordy Jr., where the legendary record company recording many of its greatest hits.

    On April 25 the Museum will be celebrating Founder’s Day. Along with music, dancing, karaoke, food, and live entertainment, there will also be guest appearances by Dennis Bowles, Dennis Coffey, and Kern Brantley.

    Museum admission will also be half off during Founder’s Day, making this an even better time to visit the Museum.

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