March 23, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    As we near the end of March, Spring traditions are just around the corner. The season of ice cream and outdoor seating is on its way back, and there’s no better place to experience this than Ann Arbor.

    Weekend days in sunny Ann Arbor are some of my favorite, although the long winter months leave limited time to truly enjoy outdoor activities in this beautiful city.

    Dominick’s Restaurant

    Dominick’s is a local restaurant and bar within Ann Arbor that is famous for its outdoor seating experience and sangria. It serves Italian and Mexican foods, incredible pizza, and delicious drinks in classic mason jar glasses. From the front, Dom’s looks like a small restaurant or outdoor hangout spot with rather limited seating. Inside, it looks even smaller, with a couple booths and a long line leading up to the register where you order food and beverages. But step outside into the backyard and you’ll understand how truly big this place is. The outdoor seating is equipped with a patio, dining tables, a fountain, and is decorated with overhead lights. On warm weekend afternoons, Dom’s is the place to be.

    Hammocking on the Diag

    Walking down the Diag and setting up a hammock along two trees is how I would describe a perfect Ann Arbor day. “Hammocking” has not only become a trend on the Diag, but a social movement. When the weather is warm, you can hardly enter two feet into the Diag without seeing a plethora of hammocks on the trees inhabited by college students and families alike. In the past, I’ve spent entire days with my hammock in the Diag – bringing a picnic basket, friends, and books along with me. I’ve found there are few things as relaxing or enjoyable as catching up with a group of friends or my favorite book under the shade of the leaves on a warm Ann Arbor day.

    Blank Slate Creamery Ice Cream

    The first time I walked into Blank Slate, I was completely taken aback by the amount of options available. I still can’t remember a time when it was more difficult for me to pick a flavor of ice cream.

    That’s because Blank Slate is not your typical ice cream shop.

    While you can order classic ice cream flavors, such as Cookies and Cream, Coffee, or Salty Caramel, you’ll also see some rather unique combinations on the menu. Some of the more adventurous flavors I’ve sampled include Blueberry Pancake, Fresh Basil, Matcha, and Lavender Lemon Honey. The biggest surprise of all was discovering that I actually loved basil in my ice cream. As far as ice cream shops go, Blank Slate is anything but your typical ice cream shop.

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