1. CONNECTOR DESTINATIONS BLOG: The Top 5 Restaurants You Must Visit in Detroit

    December 1, 2017

    By Eden Baniel

    For all those foodies who can’t seem to get enough of Detroit’s thriving cuisine scene, you’re sure to agree that these hot dining spots simply can’t be overlooked. Here is a list of five of the best restaurants Detroit has to offer based on food, quality, service, ambiance and current trends (listed in no particular order).

    Separated into a Dining Room and a Living Room area, SavannahBlue is the place to enjoy Contemporary Northern soul food in an authentic Detroit style. They pride themselves on their hospitality and excellent service. If you venture to SavannahBlue, be prepared to be impressed by the cool and comfortable space, soulful soundtrack, and top-notch menu.

    Wright & Company
    Just a few minutes away from the Detroit Center, Wright & Co. features creative small plates with a seasonal focus. Their Queen Anne style building has a timeless structure filled with historical detail. They are known for their outstanding food and service, and their three-course Sunday brunch is unparalleled.

    Selden Standard
    At Selden Standard, you will find a staff that takes pride in making your experience one-of-a-kind. They provide New American Small Plates using fresh, local ingredients. Because the menu is seasonal, it is subject to change as often as the Michigan seasons. They work with a number of local farmers to ensure your food is both rustic and delicious, but most importantly, served with care.

    Located in the heart of the award-winning Campus Martius Park, Parc has been a destination spot since its highly-anticipated opening in 2016. Parc does not only serve delicious entrees with their wood-fired grill, but they create a vibrant atmosphere that helps foster a sense of community and hospitality. With Nanaglass window walls, Parc offers a 270-degree  view of downtown Detroit and was rated a “Four-Star Upscale Dining Experience” in The Detroit News.

    Grey Ghost
    This critically-acclaimed eatery received its name based on the legend of the most notorious rum running pirate on the Detroit River during the prohibition era. The dimly-lit space is both moody and romantic, and the menu is filled with unique items that can’t be summarized into one distinct category, but are sure to be delicious.

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