1. CONNECTOR DESTINATIONS BLOG: Traveling Through the Motor City

    January 25, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    In what is referred to as the Motor City, or the heart of the American auto-industry, public transportation is another hot topic these days. Detroit is filled with many popular destinations – restaurants, shops, theaters, and more. And now, you don’t necessarily need a car or a taxi in order to reach them.

    If you choose to take the Detroit Connector to downtown Detroit, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are more public transportation options available to you than you may have thought.

    These are just a few of Detroit’s convenient and easy-to-ride public transportation options:


    The Detroit Department of Transportation, also known as DDOT, is the largest bus transit carrier in Michigan. DDOT provides service to residents of Detroit and its surrounding cities along 44 bus lines. They also serve a diverse group of passengers, from commuters, to students, to senior citizens, to people with disabilities. Its wide reach allows it to be an effective form of transportation.

    The QLINE

    Much of the excitement surrounding the QLINE stems from its being the first major transit project led and funded by private businesses and philanthropic organizations, while still in partnership with the local government. The QLINE is neither a bus nor a train. Rather, it is a 6.6-mile circulating streetcar that serves 12 locations on Woodward Avenue. Traveling from Downtown Detroit through Midtown, New Center, and the North End, the QLINE is owned and operated by M-1 RAIL, the nonprofit organization formed in 2007 in order to lead the design, construction, and operation of a modern streetcar system in Detroit.


    MoGo is Detroit’s first-ever bike sharing system. The $2-million project features 43 stations and 430 bikes available to rent so you can bike through the city. This program is aimed at enhancing the well-being, health and mobility of the Detroit community. MoGo is available seven days a week,year round, with the exception of severe weather. It is an exciting way to increase the mobility in Detroit, two wheels at a time.

    The People Mover

    The People Mover is an automated light-rail system that operates on a single elevated track and encircles Downtown Detroit’s Business District. It is a shuttle-style circular service with stations nearby several hotspots, including popular restaurants, venues, and landmarks, making it an especially convenient transportation option.

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