1. CONNECTOR DESTINATIONS BLOG: What to Explore in Dearborn

    February 23, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    The Michigan Avenue strip in Dearborn, Michigan is home to many popular restaurants, shops, and businesses that help create a thriving atmosphere that is worth a visit.

    The most recent addition to the cuisine scene along the Michigan Avenue strip has caused a great deal of hype in recent months. Ford’s Garage pays tribute to American legend, Henry Ford, and the heritage of the Ford Motor Company. Part of its charm comes from its 1920’s service station look combined with its modern-day burger joint feel. Serving over one hundred different craft beers and a variety of gourmet burgers, Ford’s Garage has grown tremendously in popularity since its recent opening, as seen by the hour-long wait to be seated each evening.

    If gourmet burgers and craft beers aren’t your go-to meals on a night out, other popular restaurants can be spotted down Michigan Avenue. L.A. Bistro, bd’s Mongolian Grill, and Buddy’s Pizza are a few of the hotspots that can be found in Dearborn that bring in food enthusiasts from all over the metro Detroit area. These popular restaurants offer you Italian cuisine, stir-fry, and Detroit-style square pizza, respectively.

    While L.A. Bistro serves Italian food with Halal meat, offering a twist on an otherwise typical Italian restaurant, Buddy’s Pizza is known for its traditional Sicilian-style square pizza which is native to Detroit. Both these establishments are family-owned, creating delicious meals from original family recipes.

    Meanwhile, Mongolian Grill,a great stir-fry destination, offers a “Create Your Own Stir-Fry” menu. It can also be found in Ann Arbor’s very own restaurant strip. Located on Main Street, Mongolian Grill has been a fun part of the community, having hosted several events and fundraisers over the years. Mongolian Grill’s fresh ingredients and plethora of options make it a great place to enjoy in both Ann Arbor and Dearborn.

    Though many of these restaurants seem tempting, you may sometimes desire a home-cooked meal. This makes Westborn Market, a local market along Dearborn’s Michigan Avenue strip, a great place to shop for organic products and locally-sourced produce.

    With restaurants, coffee shops, and malls, Dearborn has not fallen short of being a great Connector destination.

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