March 19, 2018

    By Eden Baniel

    Dearborn is home to The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, a unique place that is certainly worth checking out. Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, was originally born in Greenfield, a former township of Wayne County. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Dearborn is the home to a museum celebrating the history of innovation.

    Something especially unique about The Henry Ford is that it is both an indoor and outdoor experience. The outdoor section, Greenfield Village, is considered a historic landmark, and provides a rare picture into the lives of both Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Within Greenfield Village, you may not even feel as though you are in a outdoor museum, but rather as if you are stepping into a living version of history.

    The 80-acre village contains authentic historic structures, including Model T motorcars. You might even see horses pulling wagons along the roads in the village. The village is divided into several districts to highlight some of the post pivotal inventions and scenes from the 17th century up until the 20th century. The Working Farms section of the village demonstrates how farmers operated and developed the land, while the Liberty Craftworks district shows how artisans sold their trade. In the Edison at Work district, you can see a replica of the famous park where Edison created the first electric light bulb along with other significant inventions. You can even see the homes of Robert Frost and Thomas Edison.

    The village, however, is just one part of the The Henry Ford experience. All the themed exhibits displayed inside the museum itself are full of creativity and highlight American innovation through hundreds of years.

    Some of the incredible artifacts you can find within the museum include the restored bus that Rosa Parks sat on in 1955, the 1897 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, the rocking chair Abraham Lincoln sat in during his final moments, and the Kennedy Limousine.

    New exhibitions are displayed often that also reflect the innovation occurring in modern times, as well. The incredible amount of American history present within this museum will make visiting an unforgettable experience.

    To learn more, visit thehenryford.org.

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